Thursday, May 18, 2017

Diamonds And Pearl

I just finished reading this book. It was good. I gave it four stars.  I like the story but it wasn't what I expected . I was hoping for Diamonds and Pearl to get into some gangsta  sh... but it wasn't that type of story.   Its a story  a man and his crew trying to take over  a drug operation . Until a love interest  becomes  a significant piece to  the puzzle that  could help or ruins  that chance.  I believe that there will be a sequel . because of the cliff hanger ending. 

Open mic experience

A week  ago I went to The Ness an open mic experience. I  had a wonderful time.  I had an opportunity to to listen to  great music. Sip on an adult beverage. Nibble on good food.  The poets were amazing!  The featured poet was Siaara Freeman.  She was awesome!  I do plan  to go back. I may step to the  mic!