Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Christmas story Worth Reading

Since Christmas is approaching. I wanted to read a holiday romance. Jingle My Way  by Tetonia blossom fulfilled  my wish.  It is  a good story with great characters. It is  hot hilarious, and an enjoyable read.  Meet Nina Carter a woman whose heart needs to be repaired from physical and emotional damage.  Nina is  married to a man that doesn't  acknowledges her existence. Nina's goal is to repair her broken heart. She decides to visit her sister for Christmas  because her husband has plans  that doesn't include. her. When she arrives to her sister's house she is introduced to Jack a man that makes her heart whole again.  I enjoyed  this book  because it  gives a message of hope and it shows the value of family. If you're looking for a wholesome  holiday romance. Jingle my way is the book for you.