Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Literature is .......

An art of expression that teaches a lesson  based on experience.

Something that brings knowledge to those that abuse it.

Used to express ones  most deepest thoughts and feelings.

Analytical  and easily judged.

Stylish because of it's rhythmic flow.

An unifying thing that can bring people together.

An addiction that  cannot be shaken.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Queen Sugar by Natalie Baszile

Five stars goes to Queen Sugar by Natalie Baszile.  The book has been turned  into a television series  on the OWN network. The protagonist, Chareley Bordelon inherits  eight hundred acres of sugar cane. From her late father.  Chareley  is a single mother with  a 11 year old daughter, Micah. Chareley and Micah  travel to Louisiana  from California.  To give their new life a chance. Unfortunately for Chareley  she doesn't know a thing about farming. But she knows that its her  only chance to get on her feet. When they arrive in Louisiana . She learns that her manager quits.Chareley  has to find a way to get her farm up and running. The prose and imagery  is beautiful. Queen Sugar  offers something to all readers. There is a touch  of drama, suspense. The characters are relatable. It shows the value of community, and family.  The prose and imagery mixed with the above elements  made Queen Sugar  a pleasant read. 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

DMP Launches The Literary Digest

Dmp is a Literary agency. They provide mentoring, coaching, workshops, and other services for authors.  On Friday November 4, they will be launching  a magazine. The Literary Digest.  The Literary Digest  will support those in the  literary community. The magazine will be  an every other month  publication  filled with writing tips, book reviews, literary events, Author, and book interviews,  and  much more!  I had  an opportunity to speak with  Founder of DMP,  Author Dominique L. Watson  about   the Literary Digest. Below are  a few of the questions  that I asked.
KKB: Tell me about The Literary Digest?
DLW:The Literary Digest is a magazine geared towards promoting all of those in the Literary community
KKB: What will readers  find in The Literary Digest? 
DLW: Feature authors, books, book reviews, business information, and a corner geared to help and assist  authors and writers.
KKB: what made you create The Literary Digest? DLW: I wanted a place aside from all of social media  that professionals  could use  to promote their work in an affordable way.
KKB: How is The Literary Digest different  from other  Literary magazines?
DLW:  Our prices makes us different . It is created by someone  who remembers  what it is like to be a new author and it gives authors more to look forward to than just a promotion.
KKB: Where canThe Literary Digest be purchased? DLW:  It will be available  on DMP's  website on Friday, November 4th.
KKB: Where can readers find The Literary Digest online? DLW: