Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Write a 10 Minute Love Affair: Peaches' Love Affair With A Healthy Lifestyle (writing prompt)

It’s a Saturday afternoon in July. Peaches  is sitting on a lounge chair  wearing a   bathing suit, in her back yard. Along the  pool side. She   is reading a women’s magazine that is   focused on Women’s   health . She is reading an article on healthy eating. In the article it mention that if a person would eat healthy that they could shed a few pounds without exercise. She  knew that  she could stand to lose 15 or 20 pounds. She grabbed her notebook and pen and began to write a grocery list of all of the healthy foods that she likes and the ingredients for some of the delicious recipes that she was going to try. She had a plan of trying this new lifestyle right away. Since its Saturday she had time to   run to the store and get the few ingredients that she needed.  
    Peaches  puts her white and peach dress on and  slides her feet into her white flip flops . She rips the grocery list out of the notebook and places it into  the pocket of her dress.  Peaches is excited about the new changes that are about to take place in her life. She knew that if she would change her eating habits. That her overall health would improve. Her skin would clear up. Peaches has acne and it’s due to  the two cans of pop a day  habit. And her love for sweets.  She knew that her skin would clear up and that Her blood pressure would be stable because she   would cut the   fast food out of her diet. She was real excited because she knew that she would lose some   weight and   be able to wear clothes that she wished she could wear. But couldn’t because of her size.
Peaches gets in the car and   cranks the engine.  It’s a brand new day” roars throughout the speakers. Peaches is bobbing her head and snapping her fingers as she sways back and forth to the music. The song was perfect for her because as she was starting a new   healthy lifestyle that would give her life!

     Peaches, arrives at the grocery store. She walks in and grabs a cart. She places her purse in the cart. She pushes the cart to the produce section. She remembered that the article said to stay   on the outside  of the store because that’s where  the healthy foods are. She didn’t need to go into the aisles. She only need the produce and meat departments.  She goes   to the produce   section. She grabs a bag of grapes and a pineapple.  She knew those would satisfy her sweet cravings She pulled out her list from her pocket and got the rest of the items from the list. While Peaches,   was in the meat department. Her phone rang. It was her cousin Shayla.  She was going to ignore the call but she knew she better not have.   Because Shayla  was  Her Aunt Vicki’s Daughter, and Aunt Vicki  was just coming home from a long stay at a rehab facility. “What’s up cuz “Peaches said into the phone as she answered it”  “you need to get over here, we bar b quing!” Shayla exclaimed. “We celebrating   mama’s coming home party now get over here and bring a bag of ice” Shayla bellowed through the phone.   “It’ll be a while I have to drop my groceries off at home then I’ll be over there Peaches said dryly before ending the call.  “Damn!” Peaches exclaimed as she pushed the cart to the checkout lane.  While in line, She sees the magazine that she just read about healthy living. She smiles and says I’m going to stay strong and focus. I can do this! She says to herself for encouragement. Peaches gets   through the line and pays for her items.  And   drives   home. When she gets home she puts the food away. As ,  she  is putting the food in the refrigerator her phone rings. She looks at it and sees shayla’s   name flash across the screen. Peaches rolls her eyes “What?!” Peaches exclaimed as she answers the phone. “Where  ya at? We need that ice, and uncle Duke is on the grill burning some ribs for you” and I made my famous mac and cheese” Shayla exclaimed making everything seem so good and enticing. Ribs and Mac and cheese  are  Peaches favorite food and since she rarely get a chance to get them together. She knew that she had to indulge. Because, her  mouth is watering. “Shayla I can’t eat that stuff I’m on a diet”  “and”? Shayla exclaimed you’re always on a diet   just come over and kick it with your family  to celebrate your TiTi’s  homecoming One day ain’t going to hurt you” Shayla said as she cranked her neck and placed her hand on her hips .  “You know what you’re right, I can start tomorrow.  I’m not going to deprive myself” Peaches exclaimed as she walked out of her house   and got in her car to drive over to her Aunt’s house.