Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Christmas story Worth Reading

Since Christmas is approaching. I wanted to read a holiday romance. Jingle My Way  by Tetonia blossom fulfilled  my wish.  It is  a good story with great characters. It is  hot hilarious, and an enjoyable read.  Meet Nina Carter a woman whose heart needs to be repaired from physical and emotional damage.  Nina is  married to a man that doesn't  acknowledges her existence. Nina's goal is to repair her broken heart. She decides to visit her sister for Christmas  because her husband has plans  that doesn't include. her. When she arrives to her sister's house she is introduced to Jack a man that makes her heart whole again.  I enjoyed  this book  because it  gives a message of hope and it shows the value of family. If you're looking for a wholesome  holiday romance. Jingle my way is the book for you.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Literature is .......

An art of expression that teaches a lesson  based on experience.

Something that brings knowledge to those that abuse it.

Used to express ones  most deepest thoughts and feelings.

Analytical  and easily judged.

Stylish because of it's rhythmic flow.

An unifying thing that can bring people together.

An addiction that  cannot be shaken.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Queen Sugar by Natalie Baszile

Five stars goes to Queen Sugar by Natalie Baszile.  The book has been turned  into a television series  on the OWN network. The protagonist, Chareley Bordelon inherits  eight hundred acres of sugar cane. From her late father.  Chareley  is a single mother with  a 11 year old daughter, Micah. Chareley and Micah  travel to Louisiana  from California.  To give their new life a chance. Unfortunately for Chareley  she doesn't know a thing about farming. But she knows that its her  only chance to get on her feet. When they arrive in Louisiana . She learns that her manager quits.Chareley  has to find a way to get her farm up and running. The prose and imagery  is beautiful. Queen Sugar  offers something to all readers. There is a touch  of drama, suspense. The characters are relatable. It shows the value of community, and family.  The prose and imagery mixed with the above elements  made Queen Sugar  a pleasant read. 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

DMP Launches The Literary Digest

Dmp is a Literary agency. They provide mentoring, coaching, workshops, and other services for authors.  On Friday November 4, they will be launching  a magazine. The Literary Digest.  The Literary Digest  will support those in the  literary community. The magazine will be  an every other month  publication  filled with writing tips, book reviews, literary events, Author, and book interviews,  and  much more!  I had  an opportunity to speak with  Founder of DMP,  Author Dominique L. Watson  about   the Literary Digest. Below are  a few of the questions  that I asked.
KKB: Tell me about The Literary Digest?
DLW:The Literary Digest is a magazine geared towards promoting all of those in the Literary community
KKB: What will readers  find in The Literary Digest? 
DLW: Feature authors, books, book reviews, business information, and a corner geared to help and assist  authors and writers.
KKB: what made you create The Literary Digest? DLW: I wanted a place aside from all of social media  that professionals  could use  to promote their work in an affordable way.
KKB: How is The Literary Digest different  from other  Literary magazines?
DLW:  Our prices makes us different . It is created by someone  who remembers  what it is like to be a new author and it gives authors more to look forward to than just a promotion.
KKB: Where canThe Literary Digest be purchased? DLW:  It will be available  on DMP's  website on Friday, November 4th.
KKB: Where can readers find The Literary Digest online? DLW: 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Guest post by Author Dominique L. Watson : Hunted

Someone’s out for blood…

Detective Scarlett Fry is back in the highly anticipated follow up to Murder for Justice. Scarlett Fry has finally taken a vacation with her husband but somehow murder seems to follow her.

Away in southern Spain at the Cabana Resort, a couple is found dead. The locals can’t seem to figure out what has happened but it definitely looks like foul play. With no jurisdiction, Scarlett quickly gets back to her reason for the trip and forgets about the case…so she thinks.

Back in San Diego, Fry and Carr are handed a case.  A missing person?

A father is found dead in his car. His wife and son are missing. There’s no foul play but something just doesn’t seem right.  Eventually Scarlett’s time in Spain catches back up with her and she quickly learns that she’s hunting a man out for blood.

When revenge is best served cold, Scarlett and her team will do anything to bring this mother and son home safely.

Follow Detective Scarlett Fry in ‘Hunted’ as she travels across state lines to catch a heartless killer. A story with twists and turns you never saw coming.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

I Almost Forgot About You by Terry Mcmillan

Meet Dr. Georgia Young, a successful middle aged woman.She has it all. She has a lucrative career, A wonderful host of family and friends. Although Georgia has it all.  They aren't enough. She is at a point  in her life where she wants  to make changes. She wants to try love again, start a new career, travel, and try new things. Georgia just wants to  recreate her life. Georgia takes us on  a journey that filled with fun, wit, and love.As she tries  to reinvent her life
 I enjoyed this story. Its a story  of hope and inspiration. The characters  and their situations are tangible. I would love to see this book as a movie.I'm hoping that It'll make it to the big screen. Like  some of her other books. If you need hope and inspiration  this book is for you!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Yaa Gyasi Discusses Debut Novel 'Homegoing'

Yaa Gyasi's book Homegoing  has created a buzz. I haven't read the book yet  but I wanted to post  something about it.  I  think this video  is suitable.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Books 1 & 2 of The John Puller Series

John Puller  is a war veteran, and an investigator  for the U.S. Army. He comes from a family of respected Army men. Puller is respectful, spontaneous, witty character.  he has an unstoppable drive  to  solving a  case.
In Zero Day, which is book one , in the series. A coal town in  West Virginia  A massacre occurs on a block.  Families are slaughtered. Puller is  called  to investigate. When he arrives and starts digging he partners up with  Sam  who is the homicide  detective. As Puller and Sam investigate. The clues  reveal that one of them  are linked  to the crime.I gave this book 5 stars.  It's a page turner filled with surprises. I loved the suspense,  the characters  and the story line.

The Forgotten has a hint of mystery  to it.  When Puller arrives to Paradise  he learns that his Aunt died. although his aunt  was elderly. Puller belies that she was murdered.  Because of an letter that his aunt written. While Puller digs into his aunt's death. He learns that  there is more trouble in Paradise. I enjoyed this  book the most  because it has a urban touch. plus it reveals  an under world  that  I'm not familiar with but it is relevant  to the times. I like the charactersand their situations. This book  has a dash of everything suspense,  thrills,  action, and romance. although this is the second book in the series It can be read as a  stand alone.  I'm looking forward to reading  The Escape . Which is book 3 in the series.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Write a 10 Minute Love Affair: Peaches' Love Affair With A Healthy Lifestyle (writing prompt)

It’s a Saturday afternoon in July. Peaches  is sitting on a lounge chair  wearing a   bathing suit, in her back yard. Along the  pool side. She   is reading a women’s magazine that is   focused on Women’s   health . She is reading an article on healthy eating. In the article it mention that if a person would eat healthy that they could shed a few pounds without exercise. She  knew that  she could stand to lose 15 or 20 pounds. She grabbed her notebook and pen and began to write a grocery list of all of the healthy foods that she likes and the ingredients for some of the delicious recipes that she was going to try. She had a plan of trying this new lifestyle right away. Since its Saturday she had time to   run to the store and get the few ingredients that she needed.  
    Peaches  puts her white and peach dress on and  slides her feet into her white flip flops . She rips the grocery list out of the notebook and places it into  the pocket of her dress.  Peaches is excited about the new changes that are about to take place in her life. She knew that if she would change her eating habits. That her overall health would improve. Her skin would clear up. Peaches has acne and it’s due to  the two cans of pop a day  habit. And her love for sweets.  She knew that her skin would clear up and that Her blood pressure would be stable because she   would cut the   fast food out of her diet. She was real excited because she knew that she would lose some   weight and   be able to wear clothes that she wished she could wear. But couldn’t because of her size.
Peaches gets in the car and   cranks the engine.  It’s a brand new day” roars throughout the speakers. Peaches is bobbing her head and snapping her fingers as she sways back and forth to the music. The song was perfect for her because as she was starting a new   healthy lifestyle that would give her life!

     Peaches, arrives at the grocery store. She walks in and grabs a cart. She places her purse in the cart. She pushes the cart to the produce section. She remembered that the article said to stay   on the outside  of the store because that’s where  the healthy foods are. She didn’t need to go into the aisles. She only need the produce and meat departments.  She goes   to the produce   section. She grabs a bag of grapes and a pineapple.  She knew those would satisfy her sweet cravings She pulled out her list from her pocket and got the rest of the items from the list. While Peaches,   was in the meat department. Her phone rang. It was her cousin Shayla.  She was going to ignore the call but she knew she better not have.   Because Shayla  was  Her Aunt Vicki’s Daughter, and Aunt Vicki  was just coming home from a long stay at a rehab facility. “What’s up cuz “Peaches said into the phone as she answered it”  “you need to get over here, we bar b quing!” Shayla exclaimed. “We celebrating   mama’s coming home party now get over here and bring a bag of ice” Shayla bellowed through the phone.   “It’ll be a while I have to drop my groceries off at home then I’ll be over there Peaches said dryly before ending the call.  “Damn!” Peaches exclaimed as she pushed the cart to the checkout lane.  While in line, She sees the magazine that she just read about healthy living. She smiles and says I’m going to stay strong and focus. I can do this! She says to herself for encouragement. Peaches gets   through the line and pays for her items.  And   drives   home. When she gets home she puts the food away. As ,  she  is putting the food in the refrigerator her phone rings. She looks at it and sees shayla’s   name flash across the screen. Peaches rolls her eyes “What?!” Peaches exclaimed as she answers the phone. “Where  ya at? We need that ice, and uncle Duke is on the grill burning some ribs for you” and I made my famous mac and cheese” Shayla exclaimed making everything seem so good and enticing. Ribs and Mac and cheese  are  Peaches favorite food and since she rarely get a chance to get them together. She knew that she had to indulge. Because, her  mouth is watering. “Shayla I can’t eat that stuff I’m on a diet”  “and”? Shayla exclaimed you’re always on a diet   just come over and kick it with your family  to celebrate your TiTi’s  homecoming One day ain’t going to hurt you” Shayla said as she cranked her neck and placed her hand on her hips .  “You know what you’re right, I can start tomorrow.  I’m not going to deprive myself” Peaches exclaimed as she walked out of her house   and got in her car to drive over to her Aunt’s house.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

On The Road Reading

  I was on the road for several days, traveling with my family.   during that time I had the pleasure of reading   The Higher Learning Curve, and Tourniquet, by Keith Kareem Williams.  I enjoyed both books because they have a touch of suspense, and great characters. The story lines are  unique and original. Which is hard to find  these days. I'm looking forward to  reading  the sequels to  both books.

I also had the pleasure of reading  One more Lie by James Scott  Bell. Which is also  an enjoyable. Its a  book of  3 short stories  and a non- fiction book  about  writing.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Witty Read

 In Tell Him Too, we see how Skky  struggles with making decisions . She had everything  a woman   wants, a nice   house, career,   and a man.  or should  I say men.  Skky had issues that she  needed  to work out before she could  give the men in  her life the answers that   they await. Although Skky annoyed me with  her indecisive  self.  I still  enjoyed the book,  Its filled with  suspense,  and it's
comical. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series and i hope that Skky makes a decision  by then.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Music Legend Writes a book!

Music producer, L.A. Reid recently  released, Sing To me. Which is a memoir that chronicles  his journey in the music industry. from his early  beginnings when he was a drummer  up till he won a  Grammy.. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

A Steamy Hawt Short!

Hall Pass, is a hot, steamy short story, that will take you  on a fun filled sexual excursion.  Meet Mr. Pendleton, a married man that has been  granted a  pass to  experience various women.. Mr. Pendleton's  adventures  are sexy, wild, vibrant, and amazing.  The ending will make you say  wow!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Throw Back Classic!!

Since it's Thursday, I decided  to post     about a throw back . I chose  Mama by Terry McMillan  because it's  the first novel  that I've read by an  African American. I was in the fifth grade when I read this book.   I thought it was an  amazing  book.  During that time  I was reading  The Babysitters Club series by Ann. M. Martin. and other  YA books,  After I read mama I was  intrigued of Women's fiction, and  books by African Americans. Mama  is a story about   a single black woman that struggles to raise her five children and her dealings with  men  as they  come  and go.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Short Worth Reading!

I'm a fan of short stories. I like that they are  quick and to the point. I also like that they don't don't take much time to read. The only fault, I find with shorts, is that i usually want more (to read).  because they usually end with a cliff hanger  or they're  usually in a series.
Truth or Death is a short worth reading  because It's a fulfilling quick read.  Sex, love deceit  lay between the pages  of this page turner.. The story kept me on the edge of my seat. There are many unexpected twist.The  ending is unpredictable.  It was  mouth dropping! i gave this book 5 stars!