Thursday, November 5, 2015

After The Wedding

After The Wedding is a sequel to the novel Excuses. Excuses is a novel of four short stories. One of the short stories is titled, Wedding Day. In Wedding Day we are introduced to Blake Hollister and his bride-to-be Tiffany. Their wedding day ceremony is interrupted by Blake's ex-girlfriend. After the smoke has cleared, Blake found himself being a husband and a widower with minutes of one another. After The Wedding picks up days later with Blake unhappy with the way his wife's murder investigation is going. Fed up with the police department, he plays detective and takes matters into his own hands. In this novel, the author gives her readers mystery, suspense, humor along with unexpected twists and turns. The author also adds betrayal and a crazy character who goes by the name of Sharee Anderson. My rating is 4.5 stars out of 5 only because I deducted a half a star for the few errors in the book. Overall, this book took me on an emotional roller coaster ride and I enjoyed every moment of it. If you're looking for a fun and wild book that will play on your emotions, After The Wedding is the book for you!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Have You Heard About City Shelf?

I am what one would call an avid reader. It doesn't matter if I'm reading from an e - reader or a paperback  book. I enjoy reading. When it comes to shopping  for future  books to read,
i do enjoy the convenience  of being able  to 1 - click  to purchase a book  on my e - reader.  Although  using an e- reader  to purchase  books  is quick  and convenient. It doesn't  fulfill the  pleasure , I get from  browsing  for books  in a bookstore. However  it disturbs me when I have  to travel  across town  to a bookstore  only to find out the book  I'm looking for  isn't there.  Luckily there is a solution.
Ben  Purkert, is a poet  and the founder of City Shelf.City Shelf is a digital  instrument that allows  readers to search  the stock  of an independent  bookstore. Readers can use the  tool  to check  the availability, as well as the price of the book. Before going to the store.City Shelf was created in 2014.Its a great tool  to assist readers find that right book! Unfortuantely  City Shelf is limited to   certain areas: New York City, Boston, Portland, Seattle,Minneapolis, and Chicago.For more information on City Shelf visit their website :