Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Creative Thought : Shine on Me

While riding in a car at night, have you ever noticed the full moon shining and smiling at you? 
No matter what direction you turn
The moon is always there smiling and shining on you like God's grace and glory. 
The next time you ride shot gun at night in a car, 
look up at the full moon and acknowledge your Father with a smile and a wink.
For it is He who shines His light on you. 
No matter what turns we make in our lives,
He is always there just like the moon. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Guest Post by Samantha Bryant, Author of Going Through the Change: Why Superheroes?

I went to my first book fair on the author side of the table this past spring. It was an event sponsored by a local publisher called Read Local NC. As I sat behind my table, watching potential readers walk by, I watched them. It was fun.
Generally, they'd walk by the tables, keeping their eyes low, on the covers of the displayed book and not meeting the eyes of the authors behind them. I get that. You can't buy all the books  and you don't  want to end up feeling obligated because  you interacted wityh the person.
 My cover  is pretty eye - catching ( thanks to polina Sapershteyn), the graphic designer). Between the bright yellow that dominates the  cover and the fun  feeling of the art, most people at least rest their eyes there for a moment.  when they're cruising. They they read  the title Going Through  the  Change : A menopausal Superhero  Novel. That usually rates  a look of surprise, either followed by  a wrinkled nose or a glance  at me  to see who might have written  such a thing. 
A lot of people picked up the book  that day to read the blurb, flip through  it and ask questions. I did well for someone no one has ever heard of. between the on- site sales and the follow - up sales on Amazon in the days that followed.  The question most people asked: Why Superheroes?

I forget  that not everyone is as steeped in and fascinated  by superheroes as I am. So, the first few times, the question  really threw me. But over the course of the day, I figured out how to answer it

Why Superheroes?
  • Because sometimes, you need a big canvas  to explore a small thing on.
  • Because superpowers are my favorite kind of wish  fulfillment. Don't we all want to be heroic?
  • Because heroic characters take action when most of us  would be frozen by indecision. They might  be wrong, but they are decisive.
  • Because it's easier  to talk about painful and complicated issues when we  think  we're just playing. 
  • Because the single most fascinating question I've ever asked myself is: what if?
Going Through the change is going  through a change in price for a couple of days  in Early August. on August 5th and 6th you can get the kindle edition for free on Amazon.  Check it out at :
Samantha Bryant is a middle school Spanish teacher by day and a mom and novelist by night. That makes her a superhero all the time.  Her debut novel,Going Trough the change: A menopausal Superhero novel  is now for sale by Curiosity Quills,  You can find her online  on her blog , Twitter, Facebook,  on Amazom, Goodreads, The Curiousity Quills Page or on Google +