Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Perfect Affair

The perfect affair is the first book of  The Shady Sisters trilogy.  I gave it four stars because I really liked the story.   i was intrigued by the protagonist Jacqueline Tate. who is a freelance writer. She travels to L.A to  attend a conference. and to interview  Dr. Randall Atwater.  who is  brilliant scientist  . He  is what every woman dreams of. He has a substantial career., handsome  and charming. Jacqueline and  Randall hook up on several occasions. Jacqueline becomes obsess with Randall. when she learns that he has a wife. Her crazy goes  up a few notches.Jacqueline  is a perfect example of    people of today. and the things that they will  do. for love.
The story is fast paced and  will keep you  turning the pages. Did I mention that  its thrilling, hot , and sexy. I'm looking forward to  reading The Perfect Deception . Which is The next book in the series.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Escape

 Meet Robert Puller a wanted man.  He was convicted   for a national security crime. He  escaped from a maximum security military  prison. Which makes him  America's most wanted. There is only one man that can bring him to justice. John Puller. who is Robert's younger brother. That works for the Army  as an investigator. As John begins his investigation.  He learns that  both him and his brother are hound by others  who don't  want him or his brother  to  weather the storm. Knox who  is a agent.  joins Puller to help him with   the investigation. Knox has her own devious plan.  As they dig deeper into their investigation They discover some interesting details about Robert's conviction.that others would like to keep a secret.  Even if it means taking   a life.
The Escape is the third book of  the John Puller series.  So far It's the best book in the series. It's 76 chapters of action,  suspense, plot twist,  betrayal, and mystery. I gave it five stars!because it took me on a wild adventure.   I enjoy books that   keep me  intrigued because. I can't figure out whats going to happen next. I'm looking forward to reading   No Man's Land. which is the next book in the series.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

A Motivational Tool For Writers

                                                              I was looking for something that would motivate me to write. Since writing  isn't an easy task.I was browsing the reference  section at my  local Barnes & Noble. When I came across the title : Just Write. The title caught my attention because It was exactly what I was  trying to accomplish. at that moment. I'm glad that I picked up the book.because it is more than what I expected. It gave me inspiration, knowledge and challenges. The challenges were writing exercises that were  helpful and challenging. Bell gives advice  on publishing. ( I found a writing coach!) If you're an aspiring writer and need inspiration.I recommend that you read this book.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Diamonds And Pearl

I just finished reading this book. It was good. I gave it four stars.  I like the story but it wasn't what I expected . I was hoping for Diamonds and Pearl to get into some gangsta  sh... but it wasn't that type of story.   Its a story  a man and his crew trying to take over  a drug operation . Until a love interest  becomes  a significant piece to  the puzzle that  could help or ruins  that chance.  I believe that there will be a sequel . because of the cliff hanger ending. 

Open mic experience

A week  ago I went to The Ness an open mic experience. I  had a wonderful time.  I had an opportunity to to listen to  great music. Sip on an adult beverage. Nibble on good food.  The poets were amazing!  The featured poet was Siaara Freeman.  She was awesome!  I do plan  to go back. I may step to the  mic!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Reality Tv Star Writes A Novel

Wives, Fiancee's , and  Side - chicks of Hotlanta will  drop  January 31st. It's Sheree' Whitfield's debut novel.  From the book description on Amazon. The book seems like it is full of drama. It seems like its going to  be a  reality show in a book.  The book is available   for pre - order. I pre- ordered a copy, because it sounds like a book that I would enjoy.